When it comes to costs, we like to paint a clear picture...

That's why, we not only detail cost per appointment, but once we've had chance to evaluate your specific case, we'll also provide you with a detailed indication of your overall costs. Naturally, overall cost of care varies dependant upon the goals your looking to achieve, your general health status; if you have a particular complaint you want managed, the nature ofpatients complaint, and how long you've had it for. We typically encourage patientds to seek help sooner rather than later, as early treatment is likely to reduce overall costs and the number of visits required to achieve an excellent outcome. 

Treatment varies hugely from patient to patient; therefore, from the onset, we endeavour to outline the overall cost, together with the results you're likely to achieve, and a prediction of how long this is likely to take. That way, you have a clear outline of what to expect from the start. Some patients will only need to see one of our clincians. However, others may acheieve a more cost efficient outcome by seeing more than one clinician for the management of different elements of their case.

Rest assured, the treatment protocols we put together for each patient are designed with the aim to achieve an optimum outcome, in the shortest space of time possible, at the lowest possible cost.

To avoid confusion, and ensure that we're able to offer everyone cutting-edge clinical care at an affordable price, we've made the cost of each of our appointments a flat rate:

Chiropractic & Physical Rehabilitation: £49

Clinical Podiatry & Chiropody: £39

Gait Analysis and Orthotic Consultation: £98

Surgical Podiatric Consultation: £39

Sports Performance Optimisation: £49

Golf Performance Optimisation: £49

Irrespective of what appointment you're attending for, or what health complaint you bring to us, we will honour to keep the cost of your appontment to the price stated. There's no hidden costs, and no nasty surprises; just top-quality clinical care at an affordable price.

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